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Stevie Kidd Business Strategy, Consultancy & Performance Coaching Services

About Stevie & His Unique Approach

Stevie Kidd is an entrepreneur, Business Consultant, Executive Coach and Event Leader.
His passion is people and Business, what excites him is innovation and "challenging reality".

Achieve Above Excellence

After founding 7 businesses over 25 years to date, the biggest success in my eyes was the one that failed. This is where I got the most learnings that gave me the philosophy and the drive I have today to accelerate my goals more speedily.

I have taken this proven approach into the board rooms of many business owners and business leaders to empower them to fulfill their visions. Successful companies such as Fed Ex International, Boots the Chemist, Morgan Stanley and RBS who sought innovation, creativity and leadership to go beyond excellence.

I have dedicated my life working with people. I help leaders, delivery teams and whole organisations to step up and transform, mobilise and support their ongoing improvement to meet their goals. Sounds like everyone else I hear you say, not quite because I have a very different approach to make things happen.
My goal always to work in partnership and to "transform metal into gold".

Whether it's working with the business owners, in the boardroom, with senior directors or the people at the front line one thing is certain - I get results.

If you want more then my Executive Coaching and Business Consultancy services will deliver - read on or get in touch to take the first steps to achieving above excellence.

Stevie Kidd

Stevie Kidd
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My Unique Values


We strive to understand the people in your workplace, what drives and motivates them. By helping them to achieve personal growth your business will flourish.


We follow a strong belief in an around innovation to challenge reality and refuse to accept what we have today is all that's possible.


We strive for the level above excellence by modelling the success and measuring ourselves against the people that get the results we want.

Shifting Perception

Storytelling is an essential tool to instantly alter an individual or business's vision of what is possible to acheive.

Trust & Hope

We "Hope" that those who wish for a more fulfilled future trust our messages and training to take the action they need to attain what they want.

What People Say

  • My own personal experience was seeing a great improvement in relationships all around me. I left Windsor castle an improved human being, with an increased zest for life and a feeling of being in total control of the more stretching goals I now set.
    I am an improved leader at work and a better husband and father at home.

    Kevin Grant, Manager of Operations , FedEx Express International
  • In a typical lifetime a person may meet perhaps one, maybe two people who fall into the exceptional range. I have just spent the last 8 days with such a person in Steve Kidd, he will strip you bare then give you the skills to build yourself into the person you never imagined possible.
    That is genius in my view.

    Kenneth S. Morrison, Dip PFS, Director, Advanced Financial Strategies Ltd
  • Everyone who makes the decision to attend a Stevie Kidd course or event is life changing, as everything in your map will change, like an elastic band once stretched, you cannot go back to original dimensions within your mind.
    You will not leave without considering changes that you should make in your life.

    Stephen Beer, Managing Director, Bridgeall Ltd

Stevie's Great Wall of China Marathon: The Personal Journey Continues

A Personal Growth strategy I have is that each year I look to really test myself beyond my limits. A few years ago I thought I had really reached a peak in testing myself, when I single handedly created and delivered a 3 day personal discovery Leadership event in Windsor castle for 29 business leaders. No words describe how that made me feel in pursuing and embarking on such a goal. Its where "Fear" becomes the motivator. This year I found a challenge and a cause that simply makes my heart skip a beat when I think of both... in fact I would go as far to say it makes me emotional just thinking about it.

The Challenge is " The Great wall of China Marathon" (reported to be 3rd hardest in the world). I have never ran a marathon, and do not particularly like running!

This time as well as having the daunting prospect of fear pushing me along I am proud to say that I will be raising funds for the charity "Finding your feet".

Finding Your Feet charity

Finding Your Feet is about giving a leg up to those who need help to find their feet again in life. We provide a ready-made support network and other means of assistance to those who find themselves facing life-changing trauma, whether through illness, injury or circumstance.

What's even more difficult about life-changing trauma is how tough it is to overcome — physically, emotionally and, often, practically so that life may go on with some semblance of normality. The good news is that studies show you can be left feeling stronger and more positive following life-changing trauma due to the way you handle it.

My personal strategy in life has always been to help people, This is an opportunity for me to push myself beyond my limits and lucky enough to have a coach supporting me as well as my fellow friends who are true athletes in endurance events. It also gives me an opportunity to raise some funds for a charity and story that touched me deeply.Any support you can give would be appreciated. Regular updates on the training will be posted on.

If you can please donate through my The Just Giving page - no matter how much you can give, it will go a massive way.

Stevie's Great Wall of China Marathon JustGiving Page

I am running the Great Wall of China Marathon for Finding Your Feet because I want to make a difference, please can you support me.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is used to enhance performance, to help an individual control their emotional state and to stay focussed on what they want from life. It incorporates specific strategies and techniques designed to produce specific outcomes. In short, NLP allows people to have more choices about their lives, its about 'creating freedom' for yourself and those around you.

Best way is to try!

Find out for yourself why Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is so popular throughout the world by spending an evening or going on a journey with Stevie Kidd by coming to one of these exclusive NLP events.

Stevie has challenged reality around the business world and in communities. He has been quoted by CEOs of companies of having the ability to "Turn metal into Gold!".

These events provides you with the opportunity to meet and work with a unique man who has spent his life studying business excellence and founding 7 businesses in last 25 years from zero start up.

For last decade Stevie has studied NLP exclusively with the co-founder himself Dr Bandler and John La Valle of the International Society.

Ways NLP Can Help You

  • Discover your true potential
  • Master your own emotions & run your own mind
  • Gain ‘instant confidence’ and motivation
  • Access your unconscious learning ability
  • Change unwanted behaviours in yourself & others
  • Remove unnecessary fears & phobias
  • Create better working relationships
  • Create more satisfying emotional relationships

Got more questions?

Why don't you get in touch with me and we can discuss the benefits of NLP.

Business Consultancy Overview

Equipping individuals and organisations for success in the "Vision" and for the tomorrow agenda.


A Trusted adviser who specialises in developing sustainable growth strategies.

Stevie helps Business owners, leaders, delivery teams and whole organizations to step up and transform, mobilise and support their ongoing improvement to meet their goals. Sounds like everyone else I hear you say, not quite because he has a very different approach.

Stevie believes in the power of people, as individuals, as teams, as organisations, as communities to make meaningful differences to their own situations and to the situations of those around them. Stevie believes in the individual and collective human ability to step up and make things happen and we know how to help make that happen.

The “making things happen” part of his promise is in a wide range of situations - a commercial innovation, a delivery methodology change, a growth or operating change goal,

Stevie works with commercial organisation of all shapes and sizes and in a very wide range of markets and situations. Stevie works with Boards, delivery teams and leaders and we would like to work with you.

Stevie’s Approach

He is absolutely focused on realising the potential in people. A person who understands all the roles in business and owning businesses he is skilled in understanding and supporting individuals and teams and organisations to meet the challenges of change and to grow. To step up.

He believes this is a process of innovation. For Stevie this starts in the problem solve phase using inner-metrix profiling of people, the business and continues to solution design and through to support for implementation. For Stevie there is creativity in shaping solutions to meet your particular situation and needs and he feels uniquely well placed through the deep and wide expertise that he has in the business. Stevie has worked in diverse markets around the globe.

The model is where Stevie aligns himself to 6 businesses per year working in partnership from 2 to 4 days a month over a period of vision of the business.

Services Overview

As well as my Executive Coaching Services and Events I advise businesses and help them grow through my Business Consultancy services.

Executive Coaching Overview

For Two decades, I have built my brand brand based on one thing:
Becoming more than you currently think is imaginable!
My strategies for coaching are unlike anything else you will find. Stevie Kidd = Complete Mind shift.

The Power of Results Coaching

I believe, no... I know, that every one of us achieves in some aspects of our lives but, NOT in all.

For example, we may have successful business lives but things at home maybe a different matter (sometimes its the other way around). Many of us are successful, to a point, but find it hard to step up to the next level or have lost the confidence or belief preventing us taking the risk to getting there.

We know it’s there, we know we can do it but getting there is another matter entirely. We also know to get fit we know the steps in Nutrition and exercise but we forget about our mind and Brains.

Life is full of stunning opportunities – the business success that we achieve, the jobs we create, the new lives we bring into the world, the personal experiences we have, the love we give and the love we get back.

Stunningly wonderful things that make our lives rounded and fulfilled. Yet we live in a world of constant change, of ever higher demands on us and the result is our achievements get quickly forgotten and our goals seem ever more complicated and hard to reach. But they are attainable and those heights we dream of can be reached if we believe and if we have the right support around us.

The coaching programmes I have designed are all about making the change that you as an individual wants to make and helping you to step up. I suggest that you plan to make some important changes, because by choosing a programme it is specifically designed to help you make the big changes that you want. Remember this is not about saying your failing today, this is about celebrating your success today but taking the step beyond success for you.

These programmes are tried and tested over many years and you will gain many of the tools that you will need to make the step up that you want.

I am here to make that happen for you.

The program includes:

  • Behavioural Assessment Profile for each individual
  • Feedback customised to you or your team’s needs
  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of each member of your team
  • Eighteen coaching sessions, including: nine group coaching sessions
  • Focus on key strategies: psychology and execution tactics that make or break any business

Got more questions?

Why don't you get in touch with me and we can discuss the benefits of NLP.

Who I Work With

I have and continue to work with some of the biggest names in the corporate world but they all have one thing in common - they all strive for excellence.


What leaders are saying about Stevie Kidd...

  • Stevie Kidd life work has transformed people’s lives and for your understanding your true potential, it’s simple he is the real deal.

    Dr Richard Bandler, Co-founder of NLP
  • What I have loved about both learning experiences is how the skills taught crossover between work and home life - I am an improved leader at work and a better husband and father at home.

    Kevin Grant, Manager of Operations, FedEx Express International
  • How do you explain what its like working with Stevie Kidd, to put into words, It’s like lying on top of a high speed train holding on as it screams through a tunnel. But the reward is if you hold on long enough the light is blinding at the other side.

    Kenneth S. Morrison, Dip PFS, Director, Advanced Financial Strategies Ltd

I recently attended a Stevie Kidd leadership event. Stevie Kidd is an inspirational life and business coach who is committed to the extraordinary – an extraordinary life, helping others to achieve this, to making the world a remarkably better place and to extraordinary enterprise and businesses. I found the event deeply insightful and thought provoking – as you would expect from Stevie’s philosophy that everything is possible. It was an unforgettable experience and one that I will cherish.

Dean James CBE, CEO, Ingeus UK Limited

I was privileged to attend the Stevie Kidd Leadership event at Windsor Castle. It was a truly amazing and magical experience. Stevie injected a level of passion and belief rarely seen. A compassionate coach that has the knack of helping you find the answers. It was like being tapped on the shoulder and shown a new direction, a better one, one that would lead to greater success for both the business and me. I left with a clear journey to a better future, thanks to Stevie Kidd. Truly awe-inspiring!

John Wright, Business owner and entrepreneur

Having now taken in part in Stevie Kidd’s NLP practitioner training and moving on to the Leadership event at Windsor Castle, I am fully convinced of his power to shift mind sets & change lives. What I have loved about both learning experiences is how the skills taught, crossover between work & home life. My own personal experience was great improvement in relationships with all around me at home & at work. I left an improved human being with an increased zest for life and feel in total control of the more stretching goals I now set. More importantly those feelings remain with me now, weeks after the event.

Kevin Grant, Manager of Operations, FedEx Express International

Stevie Kidd presented at a conference I hosted at the Edinburgh University Business School entitled "The UK's Financial Skills Gap". His presentations at the opening and concluding segments of the one-day event truly captured the tone of the day and the culture of my organisation. As a presenter, he kicked my audience into alertness with unique but very relatable phrasing and imagery. He spoke frankly about the subject of employability, striking a necessary amount of fear into our younger members, but always remained positive and inspiring.  We are definitely looking into bringing Mr. Kidd back!

Miles K. Agbanrin, Vice-President, Edinburgh University Trading and Investment Club

I was one of the privileged few to attend Stevie Kidd's first Windsor Castle Personal Discovery event In March 2013. It was an enthralling experience from start to finish. Within the majestic and historical surroundings of the Castle grounds, myself and my fellow delegates felt a collective awakening of hearts, minds and senses as Stevie led us through the unforgettable three day journey. Stevie is a gifted coach, leader and raconteur and left us with a desire to follow our hearts and build on the learnings and experience, taking it back to our homes and communities and making a difference in our own lives and in those around us.

Laura Gordon, IOD Chair Glasgow

I was recently given the opportunity to attend, what turned out to be a truly life changing leadership event at Windsor Castle with Stevie Kidd. The 3 day event was enthralled with inspiration, passion and such energy that it will never be forgotten, but will be cherished. Stevie is unique; he has an amazing gift of engaging with each and every person in the room and makes you feel like his message is specifically for you. The event was the start of the rest of my life’s journey, I now know anything is possible and know that I will absolutely achieve whatever I set as my goals in life, whether personal or in business. A truly magical event.

Kate Owens, Sales manager, Princevo

To paraphrase Orwell, all people are unique but Stevie Kidd is more unique than others! Should you attend a Stevie Kidd event (and it will be an "event", not a standard course, trust me) then the energy and intensity from the man will draw you in. I can guarantee that, unless you're devoid of thought completely, you will not leave without considering changes that you should make in your life. Whether you choose to action those changes is up to you.

Stephen Beer, Managing Director, Bridgeall Ltd

I found Stevie Kidd’s event at Windsor Castle deeply synergizing. Stevie conjures up ideas and thoughts which instil outstanding values to his audience. His creativity in delivering an exceptional venue for his delegates anchors the moment for life- as if it were a living dream. He once taught me that following the strategies of outstanding role models was a key to future growth and personal wealth. I model aspects of my life on Stevie.

Parminder Purewal, Hotel owner/entrepreneur

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